The mission at RPRX is to give our clients the Real Xperience, and we have designed all of our tours with exactly this in mind. With most tourists in Mossel Bay only staying for a day or two, many simply pass through these amazing towns having not really seen or experienced the area and its culture at all, which is a massive shame.

For this reason, we have developed our short "Essential Mossel Bay" tour, in which your breath will be taken away by the beauties that often go unnoticed by countless others.

With our tour being 1½ hours to 3 hours long, we’ve made sure that you’ll be able to enjoy the town as well as the culture without needing to take too much out of your already-packed itinerary.

So, whether you are in town for a single night or for a couple of days, join one of RPRX’s tours to become acquainted with the town, find out where to have dinner and enjoy the natural wonders of the area. As proud locals of our area, we understand the importance of authentic experiences, and we look forward sharing these with you in every tour we give.