Mossel Bay: Town Walk ( Yesterday - Today )

Activity: Town Walk ( Yesterday - Today )
Area: Mossel Bay
Duration: 2 hours
Price from: R240.00

Please note: Weather permitted

If mainstream bus rides and whistle-stop tours aren’t exactly your thing and you are more into getting the true essence of places you visit, then the Mossel Bay Town Walk is most certainly for you. What better way to explore a foreign town than to take the streets on foot! There truly is something special about walking with the ocean breeze in your face and witnessing a place’s beauties and peculiarities for yourself. RPRX hopes to take you on a journey through our amazing town and share some of those facts and stories about the town and its people that often go unheard. The tour is very educational and rich in interesting locations and information (without being boring - we assure you!) Some of the historical sites you will pass and experience for yourself include: The Ochre Barn, The First Custom’s House, Mossel Bay’s Old Cemetery, Cyprus Cottage, several pristinely preserved Churches and The Urk House, all of which are significant for their own reasons and possess unique stories and pieces of Mossel Bay history. Then, of course, there is the world-renowned Post Office Tree, which has served as a longstanding guardian for our town - the oldest in the country. Mossel Bay takes great pride in supporting innovation whilst preserving its special heritage and history, and the Town Walk showcases this brilliantly. There aren’t many places in the world where you’ll find quaint coffee shops operating in old sandstone buildings that were built hundreds of years ago. Stops will be made at certain current attractions in town where tourists will be able to grab a delicious coffee or purchase delightful pieces of art from local artists, making sure that you won’t merely pass by, but actually experience and enjoy the great locations hidden in Mossel Bay. Stops will include: The Craft Market, The Blue Shed Coffee Roastery, the world-famous House of Maria Art Gallery, Fearless Coffee and The Museum.  We could write many, many pages about how amazing our town is, but the truth is that nothing compares to first-hand experience and no story is better told than the one witnessed with your own eyes. So, whether you are into history, architecture, art, coffee or even golf, come and join our local guides for a Mossel Bay Town Walk. What you will leave with is more than just facts and information, but sensory memories and unique stories of a truly special place. Please note: Guests are to be at the Mossel Bay Tourism Office at least 15 minutes before the walk commences, and all food, drinks, gifts, art etc. bought at stops are for your own account.