Oudtshoorn: Highgate Ostrich Farm

Activity: Highgate Ostrich Farm
Area: Oudtshoorn
Duration: 1-2 hours
Price from: R170 Adults / R110 Children

Our Traditional Ostrich Tour is not only enlightening but also fun for the whole family. Learn all about ostriches, feed one by hand, and watch as our staff expertly demonstrate the various crafts using the ostrich’s exquisite feathers, eggs and leather. Sit on or even ride an ostrich and enjoy our famous ostrich derby where the local jockeys will entertain you.

Learn more about our incubators

Learn more about the ostrich anatomy

Gizzard stones

Feed an ostrich by hand

Visit a breeding camp

Possibly sitting and riding an ostrich

End your tour with our world-famous ostrich derby where our local jockeys will entertain you  guaranteed.