Mossel Bay: Dusk Walk

Activity: Dusk Walk
Area: Mossel Bay
Duration: 2 hours
Price from: R240

Please note: Guests should be present 20 minutes prior to the activity commencing (this time is used for administrative purposes and to ensure events start punctually). Your best efforts to be punctual will be appreciated. Thank you for your compliance.

We all love winding down after a busy day – no matter where we are. The Mossel Bay Dusk Walk provides exactly this to all who choose to go on it with its serene landscape and cultural charm. 

Starting at Mossel Bay’s famous Cave at The Point, the walk commences on the famous St. Blaize Hiking Trail for the first part. Though you won’t be on the trail for very long, the raw coastline as well as the natural landscape you’ll experience, will mesmerize you with enough beauty to leave you relaxed and contempt. There is something truly special and intimate about being in nature as it comes to day’s end under the filter of the evening sun. 

With our professional guides being able photographers, you will not only be treated to some magnificent scenery, but your experience will also be well recorded so that your time with us may live on in memory for many years to come. The photos and short video clips they take of you will be available during and after your walk for free. Jip - we know what you think - You want to update your Instagram and Facebook statuses on the move and make those friends and relatives "really" jealous. For this we will be providing you with free Wi-Fi during your walk.

After enjoying a refreshing drink overlooking the ocean, the walk turns towards town. Walking through a beautiful and established part of town, you’ll see a mixture of historic sandstone buildings as well as some modern homes all overlooking tranquil Mossel Bay under the gentle setting sun. 

Once we have gone through the section of Mossel Bay’s “Old Town,”, the walk returns once again to the coast, where you’ll experience the beating of the waves and the fresh ocean breeze. Your guide will share interesting and valuable information on the area and surroundings with you whilst all the while making sure that you will have some precious photos to 'brag" with back home. 

Our walk will conclude where it started - The Mossel Bay Cave – from where you can then set off to your guesthouse or dinner in our amazing town.

•    Starting at Mossel Bay’s famous St Blaize Cave at The Point, the walk commences on the popular St. Blaize Hiking Trail for a short distance.  •    Experience the magnificent sunset of Mossel Bay while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. In season and with a "bit" of luck we might see dolphins or whales swimming in the Indian Ocean below. •    After soaking in as much as you can from the ambience of the St. Blaize, the walk turns to the old and established part of town. Your guide will share interesting and important information about the area with you. •    While the day is coming to a slow end, you will embark on the finishing stretch of your walk, once again along the coast. You will hear wonderful stories of the harbour and the Bay. The romantic Point Beach area will surely open your heart to #LoveMosselBay. •    The walk will conclude at the place where you started - The St Blaize Cave.