Wilderness: Cloudbase Paragliding

Activity: Cloudbase Paragliding
Area: Wilderness
Duration: Dependent on specific activity
Price from: Packages and pricing available on website

Within 20 minutes’ drive we offer the choice of 12 sites suitable for training.  Most of them coastal ridge soaring.  Our thermic flights are either done in the Langkloof valley (site record 92.8km by Jan Minnaar on an Edel Saber), from Sedgefield, or from our winch facility at Oudtshoorn airfield.  Needless to say, we offer the safest training sites in the country.

What to wear?

Sturdy closed shoes

Long Sleeved Top

Some refreshments for afterwards


Age restrictions:

From 5 years old and up, you just need the inclination to fly!


Weight restrictions:

The wind speed can dictate to us how light or how heavy a passenger can be, but in general, our passengers can be from :

20kgs – 125kgs