Oudtshoorn: Cango Ostrich Show Farm

Activity: Cango Ostrich Show Farm
Area: Oudtshoorn
Duration: 45 minutes
Price from: Adults - R110.00 / Children - R60.00

Welcome to an awesome experience you will never forget!

Exciting guided tours - start every 20 minutes, daily from 08H00 till 16H30 and take 45 minutes. 

Touch these magnificent birds

Wine house

The farm boasts a fantastic curio shop


Enjoy a Free cup of coffee or tea before or after your tour

What you will experience:

the eggs, incubators and chicks (in season)

to hug and kiss our super friendly female - Betsie

to feed the ostriches by hand

receive a 'neck massage' by ostriches

learn about the history, farming practices and industry with ostriches