Welcome to RPRX! We are an excursion company in the beautiful Garden Route area of South Africa. A love and passion for people shines through in every tour we give, whether a short 90-minute tour or a full-day tour with one of our amazing local guides.  

Understanding that people are valuable and are looking for something truly authentic, RPRX looks forward to giving you the rare and often-missed Real Xperience.



Largest Gin School in Africa now in Wilderness:



RPRX.Africa is proud and excited to be presenting Africa’s largest Gin School in collaboration with Inverroche. We both share a love for the environment and for sharing our unique and special piece of the world with others.Being situated in one of the smallest yet most diverse biomes in the world, we decided to put down this world-class facility right in the heart of the Garden Route - Wilderness.


Infused with our indigenous Fynbos and other botanicals, you will be creating and distilling your own craft Gin, distinguishing your Gin from all others across the globe.The coming together of art and science as well as the very essence of the area through its flora makes this Xperience as educational as it is enjoyable.


Our passionate staff make the magic happen 4 times per day at The Wilderness Hotel and seek to give clients something that will live in their memory for years to come. What you will leave with is not merely a bottle of signature Gin, but a piece of this glorious place we call home."